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Why Choose Us

15 years manufacturing experience

We are the manufacturer of 19”rack mount chassis for 15 years.

OEM production

As a factory, we can accept OEM, produce according to requirements.

Rapid delivery

Lead time is 25days.

High quality products

Most of our products use the mould to production, our products quality is guaranteed.

Quick after-sales service

Good after-sales service, timely feedback within 12 hours response

Extra long warranty

For the case body, the warranty is 3 years, the electronic components within one year warranty.

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07 November 2018 By amy in News

The most modern rack mount server gives loads of benefits to all users 

Business people worldwide in recent times are keen to introduce a variety of advanced resources and modern technologies in the workspace beyond expectations of their employees. They understand the overall significance and benefits of using the most successful resources designed and developed recently by qualified techies all through the world. They get ever-increasing interests to know about the rack mount
04 November 2018 By amy in News

Fantastic information about rack mount chassis

With heat generated by current denser technology like blade server, you must understand the role of server racks because it is really useful to cool complete data center. You can choose the rack based on the cooling method which could be used in your environment. Two basic kinds of the server racks are available like
02 November 2018 By amy in News

Rack mounts chassis- A good choice to protect your electronic modules

When you want to safeguard your electronic modules, the rack mount chassis is a right choice for you. Basically, they are frames that perfectly fit into 19 inches racks. This rack mounts chassis can be widely used for carrying the electronic modules such as processors and hard disks and so on. They can also be used